Thursday, May 7, 2009

::Exam's Period::


Aaa!! Exam is just around the corner..

15hb June '09 - SCI2010
17hb June '09 - MTH3160
18hb June '09 - MTH3051
19hb June '09 - MTH3011

All papers in one week.. Haha!! Alhamdullillah, what else can I say?

Ya Allah, give me a strength to face all Your tests... guide me in my way to became a teacher...

Errmm.. Please make doa for me and all our friends that face the same situation...Hopefully, we all succeed in what we want to be as long as our existence give benefits to others.

Hopefully.. InsyaAllah...

Tension study!! Reading others materials..

FERZLY a.k.a The 1st.


  1. ur exam timetable looks ermm cramped.. insyaallah boleh buat punya.. all the best!

  2. SCI2010??
    Bukan ko dh ambik ke last year??

  3. Assalammualaikum..

    SCI2010..aku x pas last past the exam you have to past the literature of the assignments...

    So, kalau nak repeat, kena repeat the whole subject...x boleh nak repeat assignment tu je...

    So, apa boleh buat..repeat je la.. But hopefully pisang x berbuah dua kali..

    English is my weakness..

    So, kali ni kena buat betul2 untuk subject ni supaya boleh grad and subject lvl3 untuk sambung buat honors..

    Doakan la..