Tuesday, August 4, 2009

:: Ferzly is a Miracle ::


Ferzly is a miracle to someone that very very know who he is... Hehe..

People might see him just like a normal this world.. That doesn't important to this world..

But to whom that know Ferzly more than he is, Ferzly is not just a normal human that you can find at side road, Ferzly is more than that.. extranormal but not paranormal.. Hehe..

Sometime, Ferzly can be like WATER that looks full of peaceful and joys. 1001 senyuman terukir di bibir, mewarnai kehidupannya... The WATER that will bring a smile into some population.. Because of that, someone might think that Ferzly doesn't have any problems in his life.. Huhu.. From WATER, he can be a WAVE, HURRICANE that will bring a disaster to human that never appreciate him....

Sometime, Ferzly can be like EARTH(soil) that will give a lot advantages to humans and never ask for repayment.. Do what ever you want me to do, as long as I can help you as a friend. And then they forget about all my goods and use all the advantages without care about my feeling. So, the EARTH will shaking because too angry with humans' attitude. Earthquake will come and suck everything that he had done to you.

Sometime, Ferzly can be like WIND that will bring a lot of good news to humans.. The wind that will bring peaceful and smiles... And blow away the sadness inside you, dry all of your tears.. Trying to be a good friend to the nature. But when humans think that WIND bring smoke, bring a disease to humans.. blame someone because of their own mistake.. STORM will come and blow away the useless humans being..and bring a lot of damage into their life..

Sometime, Ferzly can be like FIRE that will give a light to someone that need it. Warm someone that cold.. And then they play with me, not serious in using me. And I can also play with you, burn everything that will make you know who I am.. Of course, you can play with me, but not to much..

So, it is your choice, which Ferzly you want me to be?

The Reality
FERZLY aka Dynamics 4


  1. seroius aku jatuh cinta dengan semua gambar2 tuh..

    cantik and really wonderfull!!!!!!!


  2. Assalammualaikum..

    Jatuh cinta kat gambar je ke???


    Cantik tu utk sapa? Pokok ke, daun ke, atau manusia yg ada dalam gambar tu?


    Tapi, saya rasa manusia dalam gambar tu still single and "searching"..


  3. mmm....
    mcm promote diri sendiri je...