Friday, May 7, 2010

:: The NATURE ::


This post is only about pictures.. a lot of pictures.. and the theme is NATURE..

You all have my permission to take them as yours.. because the nature is ours..

"All the pictures are around us.. Don't waste them.."

Enjoy.. :)

They are just tiny flowers

Just a bunch of flowers with a little bit focus.

Actually a normal can be abnormal.

From a simple can be complicated

The beauty is around us.

It just a drop of water.

Everything is perfect where they are.


Like blue berries..

The busy bee in the morning.

It is still early for SPRING..
With the difference angle, give the difference image.

The duck that never get dirty.

Love flowers.. they all beautiful wherever they are.

Smile, you are in the picture.

Dragonfly.. Nice..

1..2..3.. JUMP!!

It make me feel like in Malaysia.

The ROS Garden.
Nice to see them freely swim around me.

The cute duck in Monash University.

Time to learn how to fly.

This is my "friend" that help me to "catch" all these above.
Picture of you
FERZLY aka the 3rd

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