Thursday, March 26, 2009


Welcome to DYNAMICS 4

No longer known as “4 ELEMENTS IN 1 BODY”...

2008 adalah satu tahun yang “panjang” bagi FERZLY.. Tak sangka, Ferzly dapat harunginya dengan penuh rasa BENCI dan TERKILAN..

But don’t worry.. I will never let FERZLY keep all that RUBBISH(the memories) inside this body.. What had done, is done.. Rubbish should not be kept, just throw away.. Haha..

So, what is the most important thing in this life.. is myself.. “Always put yourself first!”.. Not your friend or...your one except yourself... That’s reality..

The problem is, Ferzly still remain inside me. The weakness of me.. But it’s not a big deal.. He become weak... and weak everyday because of his fool mistakes.. Easy to believe someone.. Easy to give a trust to someone..

For me, humans always fight each others, to get what they want.. no matter how to get it,they will try so hard ..Until they will have a group of weaker and stronger.. And then the stronger will step on the weaker.. Or maybe just FORGETTING the existence of the weaker.. And for the weaker, it's like living underworld..

And then the stronger said that they were not “A SELFISH”... Haha! Only one word for them... BULLSHIT!!

First, I believe that it was good if FERZLY not change anything... FERZLY IS STILL FERZLY.. Because they like FERZLY as what FERZLY, he is..

But suddenly, they changed FIRST... and they hope that FERZLY never change.. S_R_W YOU!!

CHANGING is a part of LIFE!!

I not blame anyone because of changing.. I angry because of their HOPE!! The HOPE that never let me live for my life.. The HOPE that hold me from CHANGING.

So, I have to take a move... A step forward from the others.. from the BULLSHITsssss.. Never trust someone..

Everyone love to give an advice to someone. But not all know how to give in effective way. Ya! It’s not wrong to give an advice or listen to it... But to trust and to apply it, you have to THINK first, consider the effect in your life.. analyze all the possibilities... Before you go for it..

Ok, that all, I think.. Actually, I have a lot things to talk about.. But the more we talk, the more problems, we will face.. But if we remain silence, nothing can change..


...Ferzly a.k.a The 4th...

(Thanks to someone that help..and support..)

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